NorCal HS MTB League Coach’s Summit Handout

1) Here are the Typical Postural Distortions we see in most of the cyclists work with at INTEGRATE:

· Forward rounded shoulders + head

· Increased lumbar spine curvature

· Tight Muscles: psoas/quads, hamstrings/calves¸glutes/ IT Band

· Weak Muscles: Glutes/ hip stabilizers, lower abdomen,

· Dysfunctional movements: poor balance, poor rotation, decrease hip extension

· Joint Pain: low back, knee, neck

· Keep in mind that your riders are sitting down for 6-8 hours a day in class, and cycling is a repetitive stress motion in one plane of movement for the lower body. Sitting for prolonged periods of time + cycling = shortened hip flexors.

· This WILL cause muscle imbalances that will affect the posture, and decrease performance.

2) The primary causes for decreased bodily performance/joint pain are Muscle Imbalances (MI).

  • MI’s are typical of poor posture: forward rounded shoulders, headaches behind eyes, tender neck base, diminished lung capacity, joint pain, chronic injuries just to name a few.

3) Imbalances from tight/weak muscles, primarily in the hips will cause:

Knee Pain:

  1. Tight: hip flexors, hamstrings, calves, glutes, IT Band, calves
  2. Weak: glutes, piriformis, hamstrings, quads, lower abdomen
  3. Overactive: quads, hip flexors, hamstrings

Low Back Pain:

  1. Tight: lats, hip flexors, hamstrings, TFL, IT band, glutes, piriformis, adductors
  2. Weak: low abdomen, glutes, piriformis
  3. Overactive: upper abdomen, hip flexors, piriformis

MI’s also cause: dysfunctional joint mechanics, connective/soft tissue pattern overload and MISUSE injuries, decreased nervous system activity in the muscles, muscle spasms/knots

4) Preventing a ride on the “Injury Cycle”

  • Muscle imbalances limit joint range of motion (flexibility)
  • “Substitute” muscles take over the duties of the tight ones (Hip Flexors for Tight Hamstrings/Weak Glutes)
  • Faulty joint movements begin to damage ligaments, tendons and cartilage.

5) Your nervous system learning how to control your body correctly is the key to movement success.

· Your nervous system initiates and controls all human movement.

· The more faulty your posture is, the more commands your brain has to give for you to move.

  • Balanced muscles enable a direct line of communication from the nervous system to your muscles.

Every time you move in the presence of a muscle imbalance, the nervous system becomes increasingly less efficient at commanding your muscles. Over time, the command for “pedal, walk, run, etcwill be progressively altered and any muscle imbalances will become worse if left unaddressed.

The INTEGRATE Performance Fitness NorCal High School MTB League core strength workout WILL prevent this by:

· Restoring balance to the muscles.

· Improving the postural alignment of the riders, and coaches too!

Core Strength & Flexibility: Keep it short, simple and structured

  1. Importance of Core Strength:
    1. Getting the riders to learn to move correctly off the bike so they will have more fun being on it!
  1. Why do the kids need better core strength?

· Better range of motion

· Prevent injury/manage aches/pains

· Better joint stability

· Manage repetitive stress nature of cycling

· Prevent losses of flexibility

· Increases ability to:

o Corner

o Ride a switchback

o Descend

o Climb

o Pedal out of the saddle

o Delay the onset of fatigue

o Recover faster

o Perform better!


  1. This routine is all you need!

· Lunges: stretches quads and hip flexors

· Side Lunges: “opens” hips and “undoes cycling”

· SL Squats: builds single leg stability & strength that is key to riding well

· Table Bridges: build total body strength

· Inchworms: works upper body, core and hamstring flexibility

· Planks: builds total body strength

· Planks with Frogkicks: works the above plus increases hip range of motion and strength

  1. Distance Fitness Satellite Training Program
    1. Online cycling specific off the bike training program
    2. NorCal HS MTB teams receive a 15% discount through November 15.

Active Isolated Stretching


  • Will keeps kids moving
  • Increases ROM faster
  • Shorter routine, will engage kids easier
  • Safer from a form perspective
  • Can be replicated much easier on their own
  • Only a 1:00/movement


  • Calves (1:00/calf)
  • Hams (1:00/position x 3)
  • Glutes (2:00)
  • Psoas (2:00)
  • Back (1:00/side)
  • Chest (1:00/side)
  • 90 deg supine hip rotations (1:00)
  • 14 minutes to flexibility

Flexibility Book

Foam Roller Exercise Sheet

Get Faster Sitting Still: Indoor Cycling

Perfect week for race training:


  • Mon core
  • Tue hill repeats
  • Wed core
  • Thu high cadence intervals + skills work
  • Fri off the bike+ light to moderate core
  • Sat/Sun 2 hour group rides
  • Flexibility work DAILY

Sometimes Mother Nature Wins, BUT you can still…

  • Work on form
  • Break some ice
  • Build comraderie
  • Great “no drop” rides!

MTB Race Specific Trainer Session to mimic the pace of MTB Racing.

I. 30/30 Workout + 2:00/2:00

  • :30 secs “on”/:30 secs “off” + 2:00 “on”/2:00 “off” @ 75-85% HR Max @ 90+ RPM’s
  • RI = Rest Interval
  • Warmup:

o 5:00 min warmup

o 1:00 min @ 100+ RPM’s easy gear

o 1:00 min RI @ 80+ RPM’s

o 1:00 min @ 100 + RPM’s easy gear

o 2:00 RI @ 80+ RPM’s

· Workout:

o :30 secs “on”/:30 secs “off” x 5 w/ a 90 sec RI

o :30 secs “on”/:30 secs “off” x 4 w/ a 90 sec RI

o :30 secs “on”/:30 secs “off” x 3 w/ a 90 sec RI

o :30 secs “on”/:30 secs “off” x 2 w/ a 90 sec RI

o 5:00 min RI

o 2:00 mins “on”/2:00 mins “off” x 5

o 5:00-8:00 cool down

· Workouts in a Binder for Indoor Cycling,” Dick Friel, Wes Hobson

o Great book that will allow you to ride inside and keep up your training program.


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