Sad news here at home

Our family lost a very loved pet Tuesday. Our miniature dachshund, Holly, died somewhat suddenly. I found her laying on the back patio after running some morning errands. She seemed to have just lied down and passed on. She was 8 years old.

She came to us from a neighbor who knew of a Marine family that was moving to Japan and could not take her with them. From day one she was my son’s, Jesse, dog. She was already house trained when she moved in, and quickly adjusted to the large backyard and the plentiful squirrels that had freely ate all of our pecans. For three years we had excellent pecan harvests in our own yard.
She was stolen once, but got away and was hit by a car. Beaufort County Animal Control took her and notified us she had been hurt. Her vet diagnosed a broken hip, but treatable. She never came back to her former playful self fully, but still was Jesse’s dog. The squirrels got more pecans every year afterwards.
When Emma was born in 2005, Holly went into mother mode. She protected that baby all the time. Emma once ran down the street, but Holly bolted after her and wouldn’t let a helping neighbor get near her. Just this past summer she kept Emma away from a rattlesnake in the backyard.
Holly even comforted me after my bike accident in January, 2005. She’s sit on my lap as I painfully recovered from a badly scraped up shin. She then tried to comfort me when my Grandmother died, laying on my lap whenever I sat down.
Maybe the move six weeks ago was too much on her. I had to dispose of her at Animal Control, as my lease forbids animal burials, which meant a bit of questioning regarding her death. The investigator determined by her appearance, and lack of any complaints of neglect or abuse at both addresses, her case was closed as natural causes and the body disposed of.
Thankfully the kids were at school and never saw Holly after she died. We are looking for another dog, and probably will adopt from the Animal Shelter or from another military transfer.