Cycle North Carolina – Day 3 – A Dry Day

Day 3 – Hickory to Mooresville – A Dry Day

After an uncomfortable night in my tent, pitched on concrete under the eaves of the Hickory Recreation Center’s concession stand, I got up early. Rosie, the coffee lady opened for business about 30 yards from my tent. I made my way over for the first of my morning cups of coffee. I returned to my tent and read my iPhone while waiting the 6:00 AM breakfast. After breakfast I quickly packed up my tent and other belongings and sat waiting for sunrise to start the day’s ride.

When it came I turned on my blinky light and rode off with the recumbent riders, always the first group to start each day’s ride. I’m not sure why they do that. Some of them are slow but not all. And, they aren’t the slowest riders by far. Within an hour I saw the sun in all its gloriousness for the first time in three days. The temperature, in the low sixties when I left rose to about 70 by late morning. There was no discernable wind and the route changed from steep hills to rollers, lots of them.

It was short day, less than 50 miles. I stopped at the two rest stops to refill my water bottles and to eat my daily PB&J. I also grabbed a couple of snacks for later in the day. As is my custom, I rode alone. I don’t like the pressure of a paceline or riding that close to folks I don’t know.

For the only time during the whole week, I arrived at the campsite before the luggage trucks were unloaded. No worries, I jumped up and started heaving the waterlogged bags off (unfortunately that is how it is done) until I found my own. I was only in a hurry because I wanted to claim one of the soccer nets on the athletic field for a clothesline. My stuff was funky and getting worse.

Thankfully I managed to get everything up and drying. I pitched my tent and headed for the food tents. The Baptists church ladies sold me a chicken salad sandwich, chips and a drink for $5. After inhaling that I spied the Hershey’ Ice Cream truck and headed for that. For some reason I was dreadfully thirsty. I must have consumed four canned sodas that afternoon.

After eating, I had to perform the next task, a shower in the portable trucks. I don’t mind using these. The water is hot and plentiful. The pressure is good and it just feels good after a ride. I usually took my riding kit in for a good soaking.

As usual, the next item on the agenda was finding an outlet to charge my Garmin and phone. After taking care of that I lounged in the sunlight reading a book on my Kindle and occasionally walking around camp snapping a few pictures. I took a series of them showing the camp filling up. You can see them in my photos on VR.

At the end of the day I ate a massive dinner at a buffet and went to bed early. During the night, I heard the rain falling. Oh well, what can you do.

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