Tales from Rental Hell- How many bikes will a 250′ roll outfit

Things have settled down to a routine at work. I take a bike, adjust the bottom bracket, replace the chain, adjust the chain tension, wipe down the frame, then check the rear hub adjustment. Every so often I have to repack a rear hub. For some reason, Shimano went very light with the grease in their E-110 coaster brake hubs and quite a few have developed a crying creaking sound from a dry clutch spring.

Each adult bike requires 102 links of chain. One 250′ roll of KMC Rustbuster chain will fit 58 bikes with 27 links leftover. I can set my chain tool, Park’s plier type, to punch a chain pin back into place with one quick movement.

While I tend to this tedium, I started getting annoyed by the repetition of our local radio stations. Talk radio is the same right wing crap over and over, and sports radio is nothing but football worship this time of year. Even the so called classic rock stations play the same 30 or so tired songs over and over. I’ve turned to podcasts to hep the day go by.

The podcasts started right here with news.veloreviews.com podcast. I then found the Fredcast. The list now includes NPR’s Click and Clack, Jay and Silent Bob Get Old, Bicycle Radio, and I found the first podcast of the Don Logan Velo Club. Don Logan Velo Club is from Scotland, but they talk about the same issues we have with cycling here in the USA.

At home, I have purchased a repair stand for the garage. Now my bikes are cleaned and tuned as if they were new again. My neighborhood seems to be full of garage dwellers, even to the point of a social center across the street.

I ride a bit more then I had been. My daughter’s bus stop is about a third of a mile from the house, so I ride her there with a tag-along. A new neighborhood would usually mean new streets to explore, but I knew the area from my cycling, but my son is loving having new streets to explore and new people to meet.

Anyone else watch Top Gear on BBC America? BBCA is showing Series 15 uncut for the first run, with a running time of 80 minutes to get all the commercials American television has. Despite being more serious, it is funny as ever. They are now using a Kia Rondo for their Star in an Ordinary Car segment. Jermey may hate bicycles, but if you love cars, you’ll like this show.

I’m open for suggestions for more podcasts to listen to.