Tales from Rental Hell- We’re lost!

Lost people can really baffle me. Ask me for directions then question me on the accuracy? You are then pretty much calling me a liar. Then again, you can be funny.

“Where is the beach?”
“Behind that building (point to building) and at the end of the boardwalk.”
“We went there and saw the ocean, but not the beach”
“How do you get to Hunting Island State Park”
“…and once you turn right on US 21, the road ends at the park.”
“Then where do you turn?”
“Where can you ride the bikes?”
“There are bike paths alongside most roads and streets on Hilton Head. They can take you to wherever you want to go.”
“But where can you ride the bikes?”
My favorite wasn’t really bike related, but did involve a rental customer.
“How do you get to L.A.?”
“Excuse me? L.A.?
“Yes. L.A. It is a big city you dumb hick.”
“You mean Los Angeles? That’s on the other side of the country in California.”
“Aren’t we in California? My reservation said Hilton Head, SC.” (she pronounces the SC part)
“No, we are in South Carolina, on the Atlantic coast.”
“OHHHHH. I thought the ‘SC’ after Hilton Head meant Southern California.”

Honestly, If I had a dollar for everytime I’ve been asked, “Why is Hilton Head in South Carolina?” I could buy a new Madone every year.