But it has to be perfect!

Ugh. So, do you have this mantra echoing in your sub-terrain levels, too? (Come on! Admit it, already!) I do. And yes, I’m admitting it, now.

I registered a domain name a couple weeks back. No, my web space/blog still isnt’ up, yet. I keep trying to get things to be “perfect” before I do something. Yet, life doesn’t roll like that. “Perfect” is illusion. It’s, also a moving target b/c “perfect” is a personal definition. Sorry, no dictionary can accurately represent the true meaning of this word because perfect means different things to each and ever one of us. Fine. I had to relent, release and “let go”. I realized that if I didn’t release this need to always be “perfect” that I might never actually get myself out there and write.

So…here I go.

::holds breathe::


Putting up my first post on a cycling site…and for heavens sakes, this post is certainly far from perfect. Do you know how much inner work I had to do to get to this point?

I am reminded very clearly of my early days/weeks/months back on my bike. Do you remember yours? …or haven’t you not gotten on a bike, yet? (Or haven’t you not gotten back on your bike, yet?) No matter what, let it go!

We put up all these barriers to our various forms of success. This includes exercise and certainly includes cycling. How many times have you said to yourself, “I won’t do ‘x’ ride until I’m at ‘y’ point in my ability/fitness.” How many times? Ah hah! Lost count, right?


Me too.

Join the club.

Now that you know you’re not the only one beating yourself up for whatever self-imposed “lack”, it’s time to…

LET… IT…. GO ! ! ! ! !

For heavens sake, get on your bike. Ride. WHO CARES how fast you go or don’t go? Nobody cares… but you! So, it’s time to realize that you’re the only one setting your own boundaries and your own definitions for “success”. If they are too hard, CHANGE THEM!

Life is simply too short to hold yourself back with fears and “can’t do’s”. What I want you to do is fast forward your thoughts 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years…whatever. Now imagine yourself looking back. How would you feel if you didn’t try? If you didn’t give it your all? You know when you do…and when you don’t.

Life’s a gift. Open the present and see what’s inside. That means, unwrap yourself. You’re Shrek…an onion with lots of layers. Except unlike the onion, you never know just what’s underneath the next one. Unwrapping is fun once you get the hang of it. So is riding.

So…only have a $50 x-mart or garage sale special? Well, put some air in those tires and get going. I promise you that no matter where you end up, one day you’ll look back on that bike with great fondness, b/c that was your “first” one–the one that got you rolling.

Oh…and if you think I’ve got it all “together”. ROTFL!



My mind is like a dimly light but massive broom closet. There’s lots of “stuff” in here. I can’t find my way around, sometimes. Plus, I never know what stick will fall over and hit me when I’m looking the other way.

On the flip side, there’s buried treasure in here…somewhere. So, it’s not dull around here.

Oh…back to riding? Well…I’ve got my own “I-really-stunk-when-I first-started” story, too. I stink a little less, now. …And by golly, I LOVE riding. (Can you tell? …Already?)

More on that later. :)