Summer Clothes

The summer weather has gotten a head start here in the Piedmont of North Carolina. Over on EcoVelo there is a discussion about clothes for commuting or just cycling clothes in general. Right now it is hard to imagine riding even in the morning here without having access to showers. I saw a guy walking in business attire (chinos and a long sleeve button down shirt) on the trail this morning. He has in the shade, moving slowly and carrying a water bottle. For me, it would not take much effort at all to break a sweat in this weather – 75 degrees but a dew point of 73.

I wear loose style cycling shorts or cycling underwear and some nylon hiking shorts with a inexpensive high tech t-shirt. And of course a helmet and gloves.

By the way, Mr. P’s new tires looked and worked great this morning.

Wednesday’s wildlife count: 3 rabbits in the morning and 3 in the afternoon.