New Greenway Signs

The Hinshaw Greenway in Cary has new signs. I am hoping this is the beginning of a project to improve the signs on all the Cary greenways. When I first started riding the greenways, the hardest things to figure out were how to stay on the greenway when it crossed roads and you needed to know which way to go to get on the next section and where to get off to get where you wanted to go. The only signs were the ones stating that the greenway closes at dusk. There were plenty of those.

Here is one of the new signs at a trail intersection. The first shot shows the yellow arrows indicating which way the Hinshaw Greenwaygoes. The second shot has a yellow arrow pointing down a spur which goes to Glenngarry Drive and another pointing up the Hinshaw Greenway towards the end that has Marla Dorrel Park.

I think these will be a grand improvement. Thank you to the Town of Cary.