Tales From Rental Hell

As some of you know, and many of you don’t, I am the head mechanic, really the only mechanic, at a large bicycle rental company on Hilton Head Island that shall remain nameless. For 10 years, I ran a smaller rental concession for one location of a Large Resort Timeshare that I refer to as Big Resort, until I was laid off as a cost cutting measure along with everyone else with seniority and experience.

I consider myself a serious mechanic and cyclist, and have a few stories I’d like to share, usually involving the general public’s perception of bicycles and cycling. Many a customer comments, “The only time I ride a bike is when I’m on vacation on Hilton Head.” Most rent and ride single speed beach cruisers, which apparently are harder to operate then an automatic shift car.

I’m soliciting feedback from fellow news.veloreviews.com users if you’d like to hear some of them, maybe at a rate of one a week or so. Leave me a comment.