From the Garage: Post 1: Do you know how to work your quick release?

I know, I know you said yes without even thinking about it.

Step1: Remove your skewer from your wheel and install it into your fork or rear drops with the lever in the fully closed position.

Step 2: Tighten the quick release until the fork or drops just begin to compress, then tighten the nut approximately two more full turns. At this point the skewer will hold itself .

Step 3: Use the inside jaws of your digital caliper to measure the distance between inside face of fork/drops then zero the caliper.

Step 4: Open the lever 30 degrees, picture 5 minutes on the face of a clock. Then measure between the fork/drop

You are looking for an increase of 0.6mm

Step 5: Open the lever another 30 degrees and measure again.

Still not there but almost so I’m trying a half distance this time.

Perfect! well close enough

Step 6: Note the angle of your lever. This is the angle at which you should just start to feel pressure when installing your wheel. For my skewer above it is out at a 90 degree angle. So that is the point that I should first encounter resistance when putting a wheel on.

If you use Shimano skewers you are in luck. They are all 90 degrees. Others may vary. Te above skewer is a campy record 2005 and is also 90 degrees.

Measure yours to be sure.

I’m out