Six months and counting

Today (January 22, 2010) is the six month date until my favorite ride every year The WAM ride.

This is a 300 mile ride for the Make a Wish foundation of Michigan. It is a very well supported event and last year was the largest single event fund raiser for the Make a Wish foundation. Now I know there is a lot of cycling fund raising lately and it’s become a popular thing to do. The Wish-A-Mile (WAM) ride however will be celebrating it’s 23rd year this year! While I’m sure there are older fund raising rides that’s a pretty good record.

Last year this single, three day ride raised 1.5 million dollars to help grant wishes to children. Now I also know that cancer has become the primary target for cycling fund raising, and believe me I’m of course on board with this (I bought my livestrong wristband the first day they arrived at my LBS and still have it on today). However there is lots of other suffering out there is the world and that is one reason I like to support the Make-A-Wish foundation. They help children that are suffering from any ailment (cancer included) and are just a lift in their life.

So come every July as long as I’m able I will be on the roads of Michigan pedaling for the kids.

To pledge your support check out my personal fund raising page here.