Product Review – Action Wipes

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I arrived home on Thursday to find my package had arrived! My package of Action Wipes had shown up just in time… I had a shop ride planned for Friday, and had to work afterwards. My normal “baby wipe shower” on Friday morning would now become my “Action Wipes shower” (see… just saying that feels so empowering!)

At first glance, the packaging gives you a pretty good heads-up on what this company is about (besides just cleaning your body). The company, Life Elements (aka Action Wipes), is all about utilizing natural products and being extremely Earth-friendly, even down to the information card enclosed in the package, which was even printed on recycled paper. I was amazed that after usage, the packaging asks you to wash the Action Wipe and repurpose it for something else, rather than just throw it in the trash and produce waste! The Action Wipes Online Store even sells a mesh bag that allows you to throw your dirty Action Wipes in with your laundry, giving you no excuse to throw one away!

Each package includes one 9″x10″ Action Wipe. For those of us used to refreshing ourselves with normal baby wipes after riding or working out, here’s a few obvious advantages to using Action Wipes:

* The Smell – Upon opening the Action Wipes samples, I was hit with a refreshing blend of Tea Tree & Eucalyptus, in contrast to the Pampers “Natural Care w/Extra Cute Baby Smell” wipes I had been swiping from my 18 week old’s stash. I’d rather have a refreshing Eucalyptus fragrance kicking around all day than smell like a baby’s butt.
* The Size – With the regular baby wipes, the description is correct: they are “baby” wipes. Rather than use a 8″x8″ wipe on an 6’2″ adult, why not try a little larger wipe that will clean a little more surface area?
* The Thickness – Action Wipes are a good bit thicker than your basic baby wipe. Thicker = more stuff to clean and refresh. At first touch, I can tell I’d only be using one of these wipes rather than five or six of the regulars.

In Georgia, we have some extremely hot and humid weather. As much as you try to take it easy and not sweat at 8am on a July morning, it won’t happen. On the Friday morning ride, we usually ride an easy pace, but there are plenty of hills to get the sweat flowing. Nobody showed up for the ride, probably due to live coverage of the first climbing stage of this year’s Tour de France. I ended up doing a solo ride, knocking out a 10 mile loop around the shop in about 35 minutes. Wasn’t a bad ride, and I accomplished what I wanted… a glistening layer of sweat on my body. Time to test the Action Wipes!

I had a pair of customers driving over three hours for bike fits after the ride, so I needed to be clean and stink-free following the ride, as I would be in somewhat close quarters with the fit clients all day long. Action Wipes did the trick. I followed the instructions, which state “Start cleaning your face and work down,” and from my face to my toes, felt instantly clean and refreshed. Most importantly to someone in a business environment… I didn’t smell like a baby while dealing with customers. As the Action Wipes tag line says: “Your face is not a baby’s butt. Don’t wipe it like one.”

One tip I recommend is to cool down a bit before cleaning yourself off with the Action Wipes, otherwise, you’ll keep sweating, even after you’ve cleaned off… and that doesn’t make sense, does it?

In my opinion, Action Wipes are a must-have for any bicycle commuter, race bag, or any situation where you may need to freshen up for following a ride or workout. It’s an environmentally friendly, high-quality, well thought-out product that makes a whole lot of sense. If you’re tired of using a bag full of baby wipes to clean up with, use Action Wipes… they’re a wet wipe for real people.

If your local bike shop or sporting goods store doesn’t have Action Wipes on their front counter, ask for them by name, or visit to buy wipes and other accessories directly.