Welcome to my Twitter friends!

OK…I know I’m supposed to say “my Tweeple”.

Today marks the private launch of VeloReviews.com. This is an absolute labor of love, a year in planning and several months and many “spare hours” of building. The site is far from perfect and still has some bugs, but so far, the feedback I have received from all of “you” has been encouraging.

Insider tip…don’t bother with “Shop”. I’m still in production mode and one of my colleagues has generously agreed to create some artwork for our official t-shirts. So hold tight if buying a shirt is how you would like to support the site.

The crown jewel of VeloReviews is, well…the reviews. Over 40,000 reviews mostly written by verified product owners. How? For those who don’t know my dark side, I am one of the many hardworking folks that makes PowerReviews click. PowerReviews is the leading technology and service provider of user generated content tools for online retailers.

I simply (ha ha) persuaded my colleagues to let me pursue what we call a PowerReviews Labs Project. VeloReviews is the result. This would have never gotten off then ground if I didn’t work with the most wickedly smart people that walk the earth, and I owe them!

Well, now that you’re members, in addition to posting content (and I pray that you do) you can invite members of your posse. So PLEASE do!

This site is going to live and die based on participation. ’nuff said


– Jeff